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    About Me
    I am an expert in advanced statistical modeling such as SEM, multi-level analysis, individual growth modelling, and dyadic analysis.
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    My goal is to develop this concept of statistical consulting to other international institutes, especially in Spanish speaking countries.
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    Statistical Skills
    Descriptive statistics and Graphical presentation of survey Data
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    A call for future collaboration with international researchers.
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    Increasingly, leading journals require higher expertise in complex statistical modeling. This is where I step in.

About me

Posted on Jun 12 2012

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I received my PhD in 1995 and I have worked as a statistical consultant since 1989. My goal is to provide statistical support to both academic researchers and practitioners working on multi-disciplinary projects. Increasingly, leading journals require higher-level expertise in complex statistical modeling. This is where I step in. As a statistical consultant, I advice researchers on leading modeling techniques such as: multiple imputations of missing data, structural equation models, multi-level analysis, cluster and factor analysis (exploratory, confirmatory), mediation and moderation models, dyadic data analysis, individual growth curve modeling, and...Read More


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